Corporate partnerships

To reach net zero and help the world do the same, bp has created strategic partnerships with leading US corporations. These relationships help us develop innovative, integrated ‎and decarbonized energy solutions at scale.

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In September 2020, we announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft aimed at furthering digital transformation ‎in energy systems and advancing our respective net zero carbon goals. This includes co-‎innovation focused on digital solutions that can help bp and the world decarbonize, the continued use of Microsoft Azure as a cloud-based ‎solution for bp infrastructure and bp supplying renewable energy to help Microsoft meet its 2025 ‎renewable energy goals.‎

This co-innovation focuses on three areas that combine ‎Microsoft’s digital expertise with our deep understanding of energy markets:‎ smart and clean cities, clean energy parks ‎and Industrial Internet of Things solutions. ‎For both bp and Microsoft, low carbon is part of a wider sustainability agenda, and we aim to deepen ‎collaboration in this area over time.‎


We’ve also furthered our longstanding relationship with Amazon. In December 2020, bp announced a new agreement in which we will supply additional renewable energy to power Amazon’s operations, and Amazon Web Services will enable the acceleration of our program to digitize bp’s IT infrastructure requirements.

Our successful relationship supports both bp’s and Amazon’s ambitions to reduce our emissions and help our customers reduce theirs. Amazon is helping bp with innovative digital technologies and, using our trading capabilities and scale, we will give Amazon the reliable and flexible renewable energy supplies they need to meet their ambition to decarbonize.

William Lin
EVP, regions, cities & solutions


In February 2021, we announced that bp and Uber would collaborate to explore the planning, development and deployment of our rapid electric vehicle (EV) charging hubs in Houston to help drivers on Uber’s platform make the transition to EVs.

We are also working with Uber to identify potential areas in Houston that could support deployment of our EV charging hubs and create a convenient and equitable network of charging available to the public. All of this will help advance the Houston Climate Action Plan, which aims to make the city carbon neutral by 2050.


The same month that we launched our Uber partnership, we also announced that bp joined the IBM Quantum Network™ to advance the use of quantum ‎computing in the energy industry.‎‎

‎By joining the IBM Quantum Network™ as an Industry Partner, we have access to IBM’s ‎quantum expertise and software and cloud-based access to the most advanced quantum ‎computers available via the cloud. This includes access to a premium 65-qubit quantum ‎computer, the largest universal quantum system available to industry today, and an important ‎milestone on the IBM Quantum roadmap to a 1,000-plus qubit system, targeted for the end of 2024.‎

We will work with IBM to explore using quantum computing to solve business and engineering ‎challenges and the potential applications for driving efficiencies and reducing carbon ‎emissions.

A bp team member works on a high performance computer at bp's Westlake campus in Houston, TX, USA

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