Houston partnership

In July 2020, we formed a strategic partnership with Houston to advance its Climate Action Plan (CAP), a bold initiative designed to help the city achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

Strategic planning and technical advice

Under our agreement, we are serving as Houston’s strategic and technical planning advisor on the CAP for four years, from 2020 to 2024, bringing expertise from across the energy spectrum to help Houston build a more sustainable and resilient future. We are also contributing $2 million to the city’s Office of Sustainability to help accelerate CAP programs over the partnership. As of September 2021, $1 million has already been disbursed to the Office of Sustainability.

Partnership is key to the success of any community-wide initiative, and bp’s recent commitment to net zero emissions and helping cities decarbonize makes them an ideal implementation partner for the Houston Climate Action Plan. bp’s financial support and technical expertise across the entire energy spectrum will help move the CAP forward in these challenging and uncertain times.

Sylvester Turner
Mayor of Houston

Since the launch, our specialists have been working with public and private stakeholders to help reimagine Houston’s mobility and energy ecosystems. We have also sponsored the launch of Greentown Labs Houston — the city’s first-ever climate technology startup incubator — and supported CAP education in the Houston Independent School District. In addition, we are working with our solar energy joint venture partner Lightsource bp to provide technical and regulatory assistance to Sunnyside Energy LLC, which is converting a closed landfill in south Houston into a solar farm.

Meanwhile, we are collaborating with Uber to explore the planning, development and deployment of our rapid electric vehicle (EV) charging hubs in Houston to help drivers on Uber’s platform make the transition to EVs. bp is also seeking areas in Houston that could support deployment of our EV charging hubs and make available a convenient and equitable charging network.

Partnering with cities around the world

bp and Houston’s strategic partnership exemplifies our larger global strategy. Cities are critical to the energy transition, with research suggesting that they hold the potential to achieve 40% of the carbon mitigation goals outlined in the Paris Agreement. As part of our own net zero ambition, we want to help cities along that journey.

With this in mind, bp is looking to collaborate with 10 to 15 cities over the next decade to help them reach their net zero goals. Houston represents our first city collaboration in the United States. We have also established a strategic partnership with Aberdeen in the United Kingdom.

The transition to a cleaner, net zero future is an extraordinary opportunity for Houston to lead the global energy transition while also improving the quality of life for millions of people in the region. Mayor Turner and the Houston City Council should be commended for keeping this vital work at the top of the agenda, especially during these uncertain times. At bp, we also remain focused on delivering our net zero ambition and look forward to working with other cities, countries and corporations who share this vision.

William Lin
EVP, regions, cities & solutions

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