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bp’s safety goals are clear: no accidents, no harm to people and no damage to the environment. That is a huge responsibility – one we do not take lightly.

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Our worker training combines rigorous standards, world-class instruction and sophisticated tools to prevent incidents and injuries. This training includes both classroom instruction and hands-on simulation. We replicate scenarios our teams are likely to encounter, as well as potential challenges that, though unlikely, we expect people to be ready to handle.

For example, through our partnership with Maersk Training, bp employees and contractors train on lifelike, state-of-the-art simulators that can replicate nearly every critical job on an offshore drilling rig. This enables our offshore teams to practice scenarios relevant to specific wells and to prepare for a wide range of contingencies.

We also use simulators to train our field workers. These systems allow people to practice different tasks — such as unit startup and shutdown, and pump and valve operations — under both normal and abnormal conditions.


While bp instructs, trains and practices to prevent incidents, we also prepare our teams to respond should one occur. This way, we are prepared to act quickly to minimize the impact of an incident and protect people and the environment.

Even as we have prepared to respond to an incident, we also have worked hard to prevent any need for such a response. Among our many initiatives, we continue to work with industry members to improve standards on the safety and reliability of subsea blowout preventers and other critical equipment.

Our health, safety, environment and carbon (HSE&C) teams consisting of HSE and discipline experts provide help; the safety and operational risk assurance (S&ORA) teams provide assurance to all bp businesses if they have questions about how to do their jobs safely. While frontline workers are most responsible for safe and reliable operations, the HSE&C and S&ORA teams offer additional and valuable layers of assistance and expertise.

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